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This is only the beginning...we will be adding full length movies and high quality photos every month... downloadable, high resolution, excellent quality.  These videos and photo sets are exclusive DeTroit's Harem.

This month's videos!

This month's updates definitely fit most every fantasy...we have MILFS, Plumpers, Anal, Cock-sucking, Pussy licking, Interracial, even Lesbian action!  It's the month to make everyone happy!!!




Here are just a few of the other "members"
 movies and photos sets:


Our famous Dr Ramos is at his old pranks again, seeing patients at home, I mean really.
 Opening yourself up for a law suit, or even a paternity suit Dr Ramos, stretching the limits a little bit here,
 taking a few too many liberties huh? Hey, if the shoe fits, swear it.


 Laurie is very aggressive here and takes on the Delegates righteous and in every hole.
You can tell she needs a good fuck more often than not. So here goes: black dicks in her pussy. Now she doggies up
and down for me. She pumps that fine brown frame to the beat of the jungle

  A really pretty Mexican and black girl mix called ‘Brytanny’ come to clean
the house but I had better plans for her than that. She begins to straighten up but gets bold since
my wife is out of town and she pulls my jeans down and takes a taste of what she will
find out is a very satisfying cock. There’s more...

 Killer is stalking his newest girlfriend but he doesn’t know she’s had here
 eye on him first. He has a van, maybe they can live together in the van she thinks. She doesn’t set her
sights too high. Just the basics please.



 It’s called ‘Marriage Sex Counselor and he’s here to keep you out of jail
 and gain monopoly points on the boardwalk. But they are a little embarrassed at first cause the
marriage counselor is starring them down right in their private parts. But they manage to get it up
and keep it up for the masses.    

 She has huge watermelon titties and she kissed really well so that made my jones jump out
my pants and in her mouth post haste. She was creative with her sucking as most girls don’t really try that hard,
but she was a champ in the ring of sex

Great legs, long, ass out to here. Pockmarked legs though, probably from mosquito bites
when she was younger. Wearing bookworm glasses but took them off during shooting. Did also a Headmaster
first so watch out for that. So we go up and I have her get naked cause I saw her before but now I would
plunge my cock ever so deep into her nasty shaved
vagina for all to see.

 Here a misfit couple, lost, trying to find a location in the thick of the heat, stumble upon the
 man with the plan, the Swingers Ball Host. He takes them to a location where they can let their hair down,
and get naked. If they can successfully complete this sexual obstacle course, they can become bonified swingers.
Will they follow all the rules and do they have what it takes to be a true swinger.

Bonus photos set:

Echo Valley XXX Video with huge 65 NN Tits! We caught her being naughty when
she puts her dildo aside for a big cock. Tit fucking, blow jobs meet her needs much better!

Other included movies and photos sets:

So this one came in from the cold, homeless, without a slight roof
 over her head. Hungry, but highly delectable. Her beau wanted nothing better than to freak in front of
somebody, anybody, to prove their mutual satisfaction

A pretty South American girl wants to please so she shaves his fat cock,
sucks it then fucks it. But she will come back for more many times so we call her Chick with Nine
Holes cause she loves to keep them filled at all times.

Ghetto Diva swoops down inside his brain, tantalizes with her
 deep soothing pink warm love hole. Taking him ever deeper to the place of no return.

Her ass is moist and raw just like sushi! This Asian plumper can ride
 a cock like she has done it a time or two before. She can’t wait to have a big dick shoved in every
 orifice of her body and she even licks toes.



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When you place an order with this site, your IP address is recorded. This is stored together with your original order and payment receipt in a secure storage area. All orders go through Secure  3rd party payment processor, however they will bill all cards in the name of Hideaway DeTroit's Harem. This information is also supplied in your membership confirmation. There is no excuse for not recognizing the name on your card statement and then issuing a chargeback against us.

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